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Import of Food (Product/Live Food)

1. Cereal and grain products (other than bakery products and snack food)

2. Fruit and vegetable (other than snack food, juices and Chinese herbs)

3. Sashimi, sushi and ready-to-eat raw oysters

4. Aquatic products (other than snack food, sashimi and ready-to-eat raw oyster)

5. Meat and meat products (other than snack food and sashimi)

6. Eggs and egg products

7. Milk and dairy products (other than infant/follow-up/ growing-up formula)

8. Frozen Confections

9. Fat and oil

10. Beverages (other than milk and dairy products)

11. Sugars and sweets

12. Dim sum, Chinese pastry, mixed dishes, desserts, bakery products and snack food (other than candy, chocolate and chewing gum)

13. Salts, condiments and sauces herbs and spices

14. Chinese herbs and their products

15. Infant/follow-up/ growing-up formula and baby food

16. Miscellaneous (Food that cannot be placed in categories 1-15)

Varieties of Grain
Organic Eggs
Candy Stand
Kitchen Shelf
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