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Company Background

CGL Global Services supply chain management limited . is an NVOCC in the market who operate under the concept of 100% neutral offering a high-quality service of import and export exclusively oriented at freight forwarder.


Our neutrality has allowed us to respect and trust our main customers.

CGL Global Services supply chain management limited . up to date is a good and real alternative either in security, economy negotiation or responsibility. These important variables demand us to be your best option and give you the best integral service, delivering to the final receivers.

CGL Global Services supply chain management limited  specialist in consolidation cargo has the important warehouses in the main china ports where our customer and deliver their cargo to be stuffed and shipped. In our usual consolidation shipment, consignee can be at any destination in the world.


Regarding the imports traffic, CGL Global Services supply chain management limited . has signed an important agreement with important companies in the world who gather with us every day. We are delivering the best of our professionalism.

We are NVOCC who assure a regular service of import and export based on a careful schedule exhibited on our website. Our shipplanner is paying attention to all our requirements in order to avoid the mistakes what may be damaging in our relationship with our friends and the freight forwarder.


Welcome to CGL Global Services Supply chain management limited .

At CGL, our services are geared to enhance your business by delivering satisfaction through world class infrastructure and systems. Our world expands the business boundaries of logistics, global cargo movement and commodities. The CGL objective is to grow with you and provide the right connections at the right time, every time.

Shipping Containers


We have a strong connection with China, and provide our service to Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific islands, Black Sea, Persian Gulf, C. America, Caribbean, Mexico, China, Taiwan, E. Coast / W. Coast North America, Europe, U.K., Scandinavia, India, Pakistan, Bay Of Bengal, Korea, Japan, Mediterranean, Middle East . South America, Southeast Asia, etc.

Container Ship


Flat A, 23/F, Ford Glory Plaza, No.37 Wing Hong Street, Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 31877191 - 95

Fax :(852) 31060821

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